Why outsource?
Because on this competitive market you need to launch as many reliable products as you can
before the competition takes the edge.
Minimize time and resource compsumption and maximize proffitability by entrusting us with some of your gaming projects.

Why us? Here at Libroed we have ready for you teams of university degree programmers from all over the world and our competencies go from Flash Lite to Java J2ME, from offline gaming to full online gaming with sms registering, online account validation to prevent fraud and so on.
We cover most of the mobile platforms from Symbian to Java, from OS X to Android and if you have a new platform we only need a short time to learn all about it and get started.

Browse our games, chose one, chose more or choose them all and we will send you a private demo.

Below you will see the current lineup made out of offline games for quick fun when commuting or when just bored
and the online cards series that will connect you with players from all over the world in a realistic environment.

Unlock secret levels, beat high scores, make friends and win cool prizes by participating in sponsored competitions.

Contact us for details on licensing current titles or for ordering custom games.

  • minimize time and resource expenditure
  • get acces to a custom team dedicated only to your project
  • easy tracking and direct access
  • low hourly rates